Reasons Why You Should Update From Windows 7 To Windows 10

There have been a lot of blogs and articles full of praise for Windows 7 since the beta version first launched, but not everything is sunshine and roses with that version of Microsoft’s OS. He

By Scott Carr | 2016-10-02» Details

How to Prevent Identity Theft With Paper Shredding

Across North America, millions of businesses and consumers are victims of identity theft. Everything from infiltrating online data to dumpster diving for tossed out documents, iniquitous culprits wi

By Kenneth Brant | 2016-10-23» Details

Real Estate Consulting Services: 6 Tips & Advice

If you have already heard about real estate consulting services, you might be confused about what these types of services are, and how they are different from the services provided by a real estate

By Christina Park | 2016-12-07» Details

Fire Alarm Systems: 6 Safety Measures

In case a fire breaks out in your building, a fire alarm system can make the difference between life and death. However, there are many types of fire alarm systems on the market, and while you know

By Kenneth Brant | 2016-12-21» Details

How to Find the Best Chartered Accountant for Your Business

When you are an entrepreneur, the least exciting aspect of running a business is performing the necessary accounting duties. Indeed, crunching the numbers and balancing the books isn't fun. Of cours

By Kenneth Brant | 2017-01-10» Details

5 Tips for Selecting a Cord Blood Bank

If you haven't heard of it then it is time to learn. One of the biggest trends in healthcare around the world today is cord blood banking, and it is becoming a major development worldwide. Due to t

By Christina Park | 2017-02-01» Details

5 UX Tips to Enhance Forms for Mobile Applications

The whole world has gone digital. Offices have gone paperless, companies are utilizing ecommerce and websites aren't even bothering with physical documents. Not only has the entire planet gone digit

By Kenneth Brant | 2017-02-22» Details

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