How to Prevent Identity Theft With Paper Shredding

Kenneth Brant 2016-10-23 14:00:00

Across North America, millions of businesses and consumers are victims of identity theft. Everything from infiltrating online data to dumpster diving for tossed out documents, iniquitous culprits will try everything to gather personal information from unwitting people and entities.

It isn't futile to believe that you can prevent ID theft from ever happening. If you take the proper preventive measures and scrutinize your routine pertaining to your own data, you can ensure that you minimize your proneness to security breaches and ID theft. You won't be a victim anymore.

One of the most common solutions being used around the world today is paper shredding. Whether it's purchasing a paper shredder or hiring professional paper shredding services, one of the most effective ways to lower your risk to ID theft is paper shredding.

Here are five ways your SMB can prevent identity theft with paper shredding:

How Many Employees do You Have?

The number of employees you have will make a big difference in your paper shredding needs.

First, the more staff members you have then the higher at risk you are to identity theft. Second, if you only have a handful of employees then you can purchase an effective paper shredder; if you have dozens of workers then you need to contract out a professional paper shredding business.

Estimate How Much Paper You Use

Another important factor to determining if you need a paper shredding device or a paper shredding company is the amount of paper that you utilize every single month in operation.

If you're printing a couple of documents per day then a paper shredding machine will suffice. However, if you're working with hundreds of documents and thousands of documents every day, you have filing cabinets, you have rooms with boxes filled to the rim with papers then a shredding service is needed.

Although a lot of businesses are going paperless, it will be a while until everyone else does. If you want to reduce the amount of paper your business uses, read this post from Sussex & Kent to learn more.

Understand the Type of Documents You Handle

Not every business is working with top secret, highly classified and very sensitive documents.

With that being said, your documents could contain personal information from your customers or clients. Your documents could also have personal data pertaining to your employees. Whatever the case, the type of the documents you handle day-to-day are crucial to protecting your ID.

If it's simple stuff then a paper shredded is needed. If it's sensitive then a paper shredding firm is needed.

Monitor Your Paper Shredding

Believe it or not, most businesses do not monitor the document destruction and paper shredding initiatives. Whether it's a single employee shredding a piece of paper or a company shredding thousands of documents, business owners refrain from paying attention to the process.

This could put you, your team and your customers at risk if something should go wrong.

The elementary solution to this conundrum is to check for documents left in copiers, personal information in waste bins and unlocked file rooms where documents can easily be retrieved.

Speak with your team, keep track of all of your pages and consult with a professional shredding company like Shred-it, which has an operating branch in Calgary, Alberta. They are located at 8009 57 St SE #28, Calgary, AB T2C 5K7. Call (587) 355-0090 for more information.

Where Your Destroyed Documents End up

Lastly, it is important to find out where your destroyed documents end up.

This is especially important for those companies who partake in their own shredding endeavours. If you're tossing your bags of shredded paper in the recycling bin then those dumpster divers could pop up and try to disseminate the information within those shredded pages.

If you're sourcing out your shredding needs then you should inquire with the firm where they are dumping the shredded paper. You want your personal data as secure as possible.

Millions of businesses, organizations and individuals are victims to identity theft every year. And a lot of those victims weren't on the receiving end of a hack but rather the theft of internal pages.

Paper shredding is a must in this world. Without it, anyone could get their hands on credit card receipts, paycheque stubs, tax documents and other pieces of paper that have information you wouldn't want the average person to take a peek at.

Want to diminish the odds of ID theft? Start shredding the paper.

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