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I used these ass hats for a move and they were exceptionally delightful on the phone and thats where it stopped.I was informed that there would be 2 movers at 9:00am.  At around 10:00am they decided to show up with a third guy because according to them my "house was really big", and they thought they needed the additional set of hands.  BTW my house is about 2,000 sq feet, so I don't know what their guidelines for "really big" are quite frankly.That additional set of hands basically did dick-all.  This Steven Tyler wannabe would take one kids little chair to the truck, or remove a picture off the wall and carry that down too, or perhaps a small potted get the picture.  In fact, I instructed them to move only the large furniture, ie, couches, bedrooms, desk, tvs, etc. as I had a truck that I intended on using to take the smaller things in with my friends.  It was the most painfully slow procedure that near the end of the day I told them I had enough and to just place our items anywhere!They stomped in with their dirty boots, one guy was wasting time shovelling snow, even though my husband already did it prior.  They damaged 3 high priced items and denied it even after I saw them shoving my dining table into my treadmill, and resting my brand new palliser leather sofa on a post on my railing which caused it to rip, which they also denied.  The artwork they were not supposed to remove also managed to get damaged, the frame was all scratched up and it was a gallery piece. The "boss" even had the balls to say to me that my brand new table was damaged BEFORE they moved it, really, asshole?!Even with their "insurance", it didn't cover shit, and they totally misrepresented the policy.  They only offered $300 in repairs for the table and sofa which wouldn't even be enough for the repair guy to come out and assess the damage.  Then they refused to even honour the $300!!!  They didn't even acknowledge the expensive paintings chipped frame.  Fred F's filtered review is VERY accurate to a T.That delightful lady on the phone quickly changed her tune when I had informed her of the mess they made on my practically white carpet with their boots.  They wouldn't even send someone out to shampoo the carpets which she said they would cover. NOPE, I ended up hiring someone myself.In short, I paid about $1,500 + $300 for a professional carpet shampoo for what looked like remand centre escapees, to come into my home, take their sweet ass time moving items that they weren't supposed to touch and accuse me and my husband of lying.Also the cherry on top, they went to lunch with all my items stored in their truck and didn't inform anyone, the office didn't even know where they were!  We thought they hauled ass with our furniture and belongings, then when they did come back, about an hour and a half later, the ass-clown who was apparently the "boss" said, "well we are entitled to lunch."  YES YOU ARE BUT AT LEAST LET US KNOW AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT IF YOU DIDN'T TAKE ALL MY CRAP WITH YOU!And the final nail in the coffin, when the time came to pay the bill, ass-clown charged us from 9:00am, not 10:00 when they actually showed up, and did not deduct that hour and a half from the total...he actually claimed they were gone for half an hour and I was just angry that they had taken our stuff to pick up their food, and coffee, and smoke breaks...Stupid me, here let me bend over and pay you for 8 hours that you worked 5 and a half hours for! I would rather hire a group of chimpanzees for my next move than go with Two Small Men with even Smaller Brains again.

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Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Calgary, AB, Canada
(403) 235-1111