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I would not even give this company one star if I didn't have to. I was more than happy to accept their business in the beginning to make my big family  move from Ontario to Calgary when the lady was more than helpful to try and set up an earlier pick up date for me, I had received many quotes from other moving company for a lesser price than theirs ( not by much but still a difference ) and decided to go with mid west because they seemed eager to help me out. I then find out that a third party mover from Toronto would be picking up my belongings to bring them to storage to have the transport pick my items up. ( This is a lot of back and forth with my personal things ! )TRoy movers called me three days in a  row to re schedule my early pick up which now ended up being later than the date of which the cheaper company could have done . At this time i am now stuck with hotel fees and extra storage because i had moved out of my old house and was ready to leave the province !Once again Mid west movers assured me they were extremely sorry and they would re em-burst me for any of my fees. I was satisfied until i heard they over weighed my belongings by nearly 1000 ls and wanted to charge me $600 more ! ( i had my belonging weighed before the movers took them to avoide this problem )So now irritated and bringing the situation up to the company they decide that because they are wrong and I as a customer am angry, they immediately get defensive and claim Iinsulted them, and will no longer answer phone calls, only emails.When going to meet the manager ad the mover in calgary for a re-weight, the manager comes out of her personal vehicle irate and demanding she is correct about all numbers, not allowing me to ask any questions tells me to do my research on my own and i need to pay now or the truck is going to leave with all of my stuff and ill be charged for extra storage and re-delivery !This clearly made me very upset and to raise my voice back in which response the manager thought it would be professional to try and call me out to fight her !After all of this craziness the driver finally brought my things to my home for me to find out many of my items are damaged and my flat screen television is missing !when emailing my concerns to the company they want me to pay a $350 dollar deducible to locate my belongings and continuously just trying to send "their deepest appologizes" They are still un able to locate my television and wont do anything further until they receive MORE money from me.Extremely unprofessional and ridiculously people run this company.Would not recommend to anybody even if they were the last moving company around!!

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Mid-West Moving & Storage Services Inc

104-5421 11 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6M4, Canada
(403) 250-2944